On-page seo is one of the best SEO techniques to rank on first page of Google.So learn how to do on-page seo to rank on Google in 2020.

What is on-page SEO

On-page seo is basically a practice of optimizing your blog content for search engines in general and for readers in particular.

And on-page SEO consists of optimizing post title,meta tag,meta description and of course optimization of blog images.

There are many types of SEOs.Like mobile SEO,social media seo,……And off-page SEO is quite an important SEO technique,which is actually different enough from on-page seo itself.

Off-page seo is a practice of making backlinks,getting social media engagements for your blog.

In this particular article,we will be confined to do better on-page SEO and get better results from search engines.

Importance of On-page SEO

Without doing on-page seo,you can’t force Google like search engines to put your post in their first page.

In this way you will get good organic traffic,SEO ranking signals.

That being said,you will have to write your post in such a way that,if people searching on Google, want specific information,your post must have that information pretty clear.

After all content is the king.And if you have plenty of knowledge into your post and it is not properly optimized for search engines….

You can’t get good results.Ultimately you won’t get much traffic and earn money.

So you must write SEO friendly content for your blog.So that Google gives your posts due respect on search queries.

In Google’s own words :

“The most basic signal that information is relevant is when a webpage contains the same keywords as your search query. If those keywords appear on the page, or if they appear in the headings or body of the text, the information is more likely to be relevant. 

Optimize Your Blog Content

You have already learnt that how important is on-page seo in the eyes of search engines like the giant Google.

So in order to rank first on Google in 2020,you will have to optimize the whole content of your website.

Pro tip: if you are new blogger,start optimizing your blog content right from the very first post or page.

For Better ON-Page SEO optimization,you must give due preference to each word,title,image optimisation of your blog post.

To make your articles SEO friendly,you can use yoast seo plugin.

Use Target Keyword In The First paragraph

First paragraph is the most important part of your post.You must use target keyword in the first paragraph of your post.

And it is most likely that search engines can better learn about your post and might rank it on the first page.

Besides it,you can also add related keywords in first paragraph.So it will help to get good ranking signals from search engines.

Importance of H1 Tag in on-page SEO

Well,from on-page seo’s point of view,H1 tag is one of the most important part of your post.

If you H1 tag contains,what your specific post all about,then it helps Google to find the structure of your post in a better way.

We often add our target keyword in the H1 tag.To make it more clickable add some appealing words like “best”,”ultimate”,”actionable” etc.

You must have noticed that,people often click on those articles on Google,that contains the above said focusing words.

Use keywords in H2 subheadings

After optimizing H1 tag for On-page SEO,you must make proper optimization of your subheadings especially H2 tags.

You must use your targeted keywords in to H2 subheadings.

It will definitely boost up your post SEO rankings.

Note: Don’t use your main keyword in all subheadings,rather use them in one or two times & naturally.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

you must never use your main keyword again and again in to your post.

This exactly what is called,keyword stuffing.

But to convince Google that your post is about a specific topic,you should use that topic(keyword) in a natural way.

Suppose you have keyword “on-page SEO”.And if you use it once in a post,

Then Google won’t understand that this particular post is really about on-page SEO.

So to avoid this confusion you should use targetted keyword 5-10 times in a post,but in a natural way.

It is often observed that most of the bloggers use targeted keywords many times in a post.

And what the results they get from google,Instead of ranking the post,

Google will definitely dump your post somewhere on the the page,people rarely visit.🤔 you got the idea !

Referring Quality External Links

By referring your readers to external links related to your targeted keywords,makes your post more reputed in the Google search results.

It is often observed that the pages With quality outbound links come first on google as compared to pages having no outbound links.


It is just like person referring an ill to a reputed hospital for better treatment of the disease.

And the patient will definitely make recovery.

On the other hand If a critical patient is referred to a non reputed health organization,you can imagine his/her condition.

So for better SEO-optimization of On-page,you must provide appropriate and quality external links on your every page.

Optimized Post URL

This is a must have SEO factor.If you really want your blog post to be rich,it must have easy to read permalink structure.

Your post URL must contain:

  • Target keyword.
  • Two-three letter word keyword.

Pro Tip: Never make long worded permalink URL OF your blog post

Optimize Meta Tag &Meta Description

Meta tag is the heading that appear on google search page.And Meta description appears just below the meta tag.

What you need to do is add your keyword at the beginning of the title.

And You must wrap your meta tittle with in one line so that some of its words don’t disappear .

Similarly,Add meta description of your post in such a way that it contains your main keyword and people may get quick view of your post.

You must use compelling words to your meta tag and description,so that people are forced to click your page.

Pro Tip : Always use current year in 
meta tag and meta description 

Examples of Forcing Words :

  • Best
  • Ultimate
  • New
  • Checklist
  • Must have
  • and so on……

UseYour Own Images

This is one of the best On-Page SEO techniques.That is to use self made images for your blog posts.

You might be surprised that there are millions of websites around the world.

And most of the bloggers use similar looking photos from free stock images Websites for their blog posts.

Note: It is really a bad practice.

To avoid this you can use photoshop,or any other mobile app for photo editing.

In that way you not only get images copyrights but making them unique too.

Besides it,you must optimize your blog post images with applying image optimization SEO.

Internal linking

If you are beginner in blogging,then you must start making appropriate interlinking of your articles.

This will be a huge on-page seo ranking factor for search engines.

To be honest,we have ranked our most of the articles by using internal

Here is a tip :

Use anchor text strategy for interlinking your articles.

And most importantly,use keywords in anchor text related to your blog posts.

Many bloggers use “click here”,”Visit”etc. anchor texts,which has nothing to do with specific keyword of the post.

Page Speed

All on-page optimization fails,unless your web page speed is fast.

Search engines hate slow speed websites which results in reducing your posts ranking chances.

We have observed from our website mysmartblogging that during the starting time for our blog,Google indexed our first 10 posts on their own.

More surprisingly,we had not submitted our blog sitemap to Google search console.

Here is a guide :

How to submit sitemap to Google 

So it is all thanks to our cloud hosting speed ,that played a vital role in indexing and ranking our posts.

Choose Reliable Web Hosting

This is very important in terms of better on-page SEO.

You must get reliable hosting for your website.

Gone are the data when bloggers used to have shared hosting.

Now ,you should consider cloud hosting for best results.

For this you should take that hosting which has

  • better uptime
  • Hosting speed
  • Hosting location.

According to Google,you web page must open within 3 seconds.

Below is the link to check your website speed :

Secure your website with HTTPS

Are you still using http:// protocol for your blog.

Then stop 🛑 it right now.

Google don’t give any preference to insecure websites,which will definitely result in no traffic from your blog.

Moreover,securing your website with SSL Certificate will definitely secure your website as well as your blog visitors.

Letsencryptcloudflare are free open source websites which provide free SSL certificates for websites universally.

Write long articles

As a new blogger you must know that Google give more priority to long written articles.

These may be of thousands of words.

The more you describe your topic,the more the people stick to your articles.

Afterall people don’t want to spend their valuable time at your site without any reason.

So they want to grab knowledge and learn in depth.

So you should write lengthy articles at least of 2,000 words.

Quick Navigation (Table Of Contents)

Quick navigation between post headings provide quick access to the readers,so that they can jump to the title ,they consider to be important.

Imagine,if a post has thousands of words and many headings,how can users navigate across them.

So in order to provide them quick navigation system,you can install a plugin called Easy Table Of Contents.

From SEO point of view,quick navigation provides a green signal to the post for fast ranking by Google and other search engines.

Write Comprehensive And Copyright Content

Write your article’s comprehensively.Clear each and every aspect of the topic to the readers.

And if you have written complete article,then no one can prevent your post to rank in near future.

Because content is always the king 👑.

You must have observed that,on Google search the websites that come on first of SERP,have very long articles illustrated with pictures.

Pro Tip :Never copy content of other websites.

In day or two google will Punish your website by not ranking your articles.

And if you are using Adsense,it might be suspended permanently.

Use Cache Plugins

What is cache?
When someone visits your website,all elements of it like JavaScript,images,php script etc.are loaded.

And these files automatically store in browser temporarily which is called cache.

If someone again visits your particular page again,only HTML files will be loaded to them by the same browser.

Thus it results in increased page speed.

So to do this again and again,cache plugins do this job perfectly.

There are some of famous cache plugins you can use.

Like wp rocket,Wp super cache plugins are one of them.

Optimize the CTR(Click Through Rate)

There is another best way to optimize your on-page SEO by optimizing the CTR.

What is CTR :

CTR (Click Through Rate) is a ratio of visitors,who click on your page and the visitors who only see the link.

Thus CTR is total number of clicks divided by the impressions and multiplied by hundred.

Formula to calculate CTR :

CTR = clicks/impressions*100

Suppose 2000 people saw your page and 100 of them clicked then CTR will be as under :

CTR = (100/2000)*100 =5%

The more your blog posts have higher CTR ,higher the chances of ranking.

How To Increase CTR

There are many factors to increase CTR.

But the important key factor to increase your CTR is ranking your post first.

Only then you can think of CTR.

For this you must use keyword researching.So that in this competitive blogging,you can target your keyword on google.

Best keyword research Guide to rank

To increase CTR percentage,you must do the following:

  • Catchy SEO title
  • Compelling and forcing meta description
  • Targeted keywords contained in SEO title
  • Website design

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

As you know about 70% people use smartphone all over the world.

If your website is not movie friendly,then forget about any traffic coming to your website.

To make your blog mobile friendly,use mobile friendly and light themes especially paid ones.

You can also check (whether your website is mobile friendly or not) on Google search console.

Make your website AMP Compatible

AMP implies accelerated mobile page.It is a technology that loads only light version of your web page.

All the JavaScript and other heavy scripts are forbidden by AMP.

Thats why,on AMP,page loads in a lightning speed.

This is really a great on-page SEO technique to make not only make your website mobile friendly,but making it appeared on SERP.

Use LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords

what are LSI key words ?(click it to read in depth)

LSI key words are basically keywords that are conceptually related with your targeted keywords.

Search engines better understand your post topic,if you use LSI keywords.

Example :

If we target a keyword “eatables”.And you know eatables may be for humans or animals.

So to make Google understand our keyword properly,we should add “human eatable”.

So LSI keywords play an important role in our on-page optimization.

Readability Of your articles

All SEO techniques fail,if your blog content provides dull and rough reading experience to the users.

If your article is of 3000 words.And you have used big paragraphs containing no proper format of writing.

Then users will hate it and jump to another site.

For this,you should adopt the following key parameters of writing :

Using Heading Properly

for example your article is about “animals and birds”.

Then you should use headings structure in the below way:

Headings Structure Example

<h1> animals and birds</h1>



<h4>white Lions</h4>



<h4>black sparrows</h4>

Proper formatting of text

To make your readers not to leave your site soon,it is important that you format your article text.

Bold important sentences,make some of them them italics.

Dont use long boring paragraphs.Rather use two-three lines paragraphs.

For better interpretation of your topics,use numbers, bullets wherever possible and make the most of on-page SEO by using the following points:

  • Use images/graphs/infographics
  • embed videos
  • Use quotes.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

If your articles have plenty of grammatical mistakes,then your readers will not get better knowledge.

They will distract from your article and jump to another better article on google.

So in order to avoid mistakes,you can use grammarly tool, Because Grammarly makes sure everything you type is effective and mistake‑free.


We have explained On-page SEO basic and advanced tricks in detailed and simple manner.

If you really want to succeed in blogging in the long run,you must adopt them.

As we often say,to be successful blogging guy,you must try to learn new and latest techniques from pro bloggers.

Afterall,blogging is a dynamic process,it demands more time and writing ✍️ skills.

We are of the view that whether it is on-page SEO or off-page SEO,You can’t succeed on your own.

You need help from blogging community,and it can’t be get unless you make more social engagements.
Learn from already well established bloggers and apply them in your blogging.

Finally,if you have found this post valuable,please do share it on social media.

So keep blogging smartly😎😎

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1. What is on-page SEO ?

Ans. SEO(search engine optimization) is basically a practice of optimizing the whole content of your blog posts.
Like image optimization,proper heading structure interlinking,quality external links etc.

Q2. How On-page SEO helps in ranking pages ?

Ans. When you write SEO friendly content with proper utilization of on-page SEO,search engines automatically index your pages and ultimately putting your articles in SERPS(search engines result pages)

Q3. Is on-page SEO is different from off-page SEO ?

Ans. Not at all,Actually on-page SEO helps in writing posts SEO friendly.Where as off-page seo is a practice of getting back links from other sites, getting social media engagements.

Q4. Which is the best on-page seo making WordPress plugin ?

Ans.Yoast SEO is one of the best on-page seo plugin,you should use.