Have you made your mind to Start a blog in 2020 on WordPress platform?

Don’t worry, this article will let you create a blog in 2020 in WordPress from scratch.

Why WordPress

Well! you know,WordPress is one of the mostly used platform to develop a site.

But here is a question,why all prefer it?

Because,if you have no knowledge about HTML,CSS or any other coding,then WordPress is always simple to develop your content.

Purchase Domain

Firstly,you should purchase a simple domain of your choice, preferably Top Level Domain with extension . Com

Because TLD is for for global.Meaning that,if your content on the website is evergreen and for all readers globally,then .Com is the best fit for you.

Tip : Never use free or blogspot domains :

For a professional blog, HTTPS protocol must be enabled for your domain.

You should get SSL certificate

There are paid as well as free HTTPS protocol available online.

If you are using digital ocean then you get the free HTTPS service.

Https : Stands for hypetext mark up language and last letter “s” stands for security layer to your domain as


Click here to purchase Godaddy domain

Purchase the Fastest Hosting

Now its time to purchase a faster web hosting.

Web Hosting is process of storing your website data online on computers with fastest processor.

Digitalocean,siteground are one of the fastest hosting providers.

I would recommend you to choose digitalocean cloud hosting.Click here to purchase Digitalocean and get $ 100 Credit

After connecting your domain with digitalocean hosting,you will get lightening fast speed of your blog.

Install WordPress

Once your hosting is set up, you only need one more thing: install WordPress.

Here’s one more reason why digitalocean is the best choice they install WordPress automatically for you during the signup process.

Selecting Your WordPress Theme

Now it’s time to install WordPress theme.Mostly the beginners prefer to try free theme which is vulnerable to attackers.

Best WordPress theme

The best theme to start a blog is lightweight theme.And there is none other than generatepress theme.

It is easy to use and lightweight theme.The best part of it is that you can customize your blog and it’s content with its inbuilt plugin like add-ons.

Pro Tip : Never choose free wordpress theme.

Download : Click here to download best lightweight generatepress theme

Installing And Customising theme

After downloading the theme you should install it on your WordPress by choosing appearance>Themes>customise button.

There are plenty of options to customise your theme according to your need.

In nutshell,create your header,footer,menu then customise your copyright text etc.

And this is easily customisable in generatepress theme.

Brand logo

It is always better to make a catchy brand logo of your website.

You can choose plenty of platform on line as well as with offline softwares.

In all the paid themes,you can customize your logo.e.g, how should it look on mobile and desktop view.

About Us ,Contact Us,Privacy Policy Pages

As per Google algorithm,you must have above three mentioned pages on your blog or website.

  • About Us : write about your blog,what is it all about,how you can help the people visiting your blog.
  • Contact Us : Simply develop a contact us page using WPforms or contact7 forms to constantly in touch with your readers.
  • Privacy policy :This page is must for all blogs.It may declare your cookies policy,terms& & conditions of your service etc.

Static Home Page And Blog

To make your blog more professional and appealing to your readers and search engines,you should build a static page using Beaver or do I page builders.

Pro Tip : Thrive Architect might be better fit for you along with generatepress theme to design a mouth watering Home page.

Write Best Content

Content is always remains the king.Write only relevant content, irrespective of text lengths.

You content must help your readers.So you should write to help people not to be rich overnight 😀.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a best on-page seo technique which will help you to rank your post on search engines.

If your post has a keyword title which has no CPC,very less search volume,

Then how can you rank your post.

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On-page SEO

On-page seo is a backbone of a website.search engines dislike websites that lack seo friendly content.

So always do proper on-page seo of your all website content.

Appealing Images

if your blog has no image,then your articles might not get attraction to your readers.

Thus,they will abandon your blog instantly and will never visit again.

If you have no knowledge about Photoshop,Adobe illustrator,then you can find lots of pictures free on pexels.com

Image optimization

The images on your blog content add attraction to the visitors.

But your blog images need to be optimized.

Because, if you don’t optimize your blog images,it will decrease your website speed drastically.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page seo is one of the best techniques,which help in getting high SEO ranking.

The more your blog posts rank on search engines,the more visitors come to your site.

Ultimately, you can earn huge money.

Inter-linking & External-linking

Most of the bloggers commit a mistake of not properly inter-linking their blog post.

In an article, interlink all the posts in a natural way.

Similarly provide quality outbound links to high authority websites.

Thus Google ignores such bad- linking content.ultimately your articles gets less traffic.

Using Less and best plugins

seo friendly ordpress Plugins add extra help to write seo friendly content,secure and promote your blog.

But most of the bloggers install irrelevant plugins which they are not helpful rather reduce the speed of their site.

Here is the list of free WordPress plugins which we use on our blog .Let’s have a quick look at them below :

  • Yoast Seo -For Creating Search engine optimization articles
  • Real simple SSL– Adding security layer to the domain.
  • Wordfence : Best plugin for website security.
  • Contact form 7 : Plugin for adding contact form.
  • Updraftplus: To take back up of your website.
  • WP Cache Plugin : To delete cache files from your blog.
  • Anti Spam : No spam in comments.
  • Smush:Reduce image size.

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Monetise your blog

After creating adequate content,it’s time to monetise your blog.

By monetising your blog,you will earn money.

There are lots of monetising platforms.Google Adsense and affiliates programs are widely used.

You may like : Google Adsense or affiliate programs ? which one is best.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a great source of monetising among bloggers.Google Adsense works as a mediator among bloggers and ad bidderes.

simply write at least 10 best articles and apply for Adsense approval.

And you will get the same.

Affiliate Marketing

Similarly, affiliate marketing is another way to monetize your blog.

There are plenty of affiliates programs available online.

You just refer the visitors of your blog to affiliate product,you will get commission for that.

Promote your blog

If you are really serious about your job,and want to start a successful blog,then you should invest more money to promote your blog.

Google adwords,Facebook marketing are good to go with.

Besides it,Email marketing may also prove to be the best way to enhance your blog.

Writing consistently

Success bloggers are those who write best content on consistent basis.
It is not wise to write plenty of articles in a month then skip writing for one month or two.

So always engage with your readers.Write periodically.

Submit your sites to webmaster tools

To drive traffic and earn money,you should submit your sitemap to all search engines like Google,Bing, yandex etc.

After verifying your site to webmaster tools,you should link your site to yoast plugin,in order to generate your sitemaps.

Index your each article to Search engines(Google,bing,etc)

To drive traffic to your blog,don’t forget to index your each article on Google,so that they become visible and that too on first page of google,Bing,etc.

Outsmart your Competitors

When you start a blog,it is wise to be professional blogger, always use either Ahrefs, BuzzSumo,or semrush.

with these softwares,you can get detailed picture of your competitors traffic.

Also you get the back links report of your competitors.Besides it,you can find a keyword which has low competition and high traffic.

Important List Of article for newbie bloggers :

Final thought On How To Start A Blog

In order to launch a successful blog,you should keep on writing latest and evergreen stuff on your blog.

Never forget to update your content on regular basis.

This is just a start.and you will have to learn many things like SEODigital Marketing, affiliate marketing,Facebook marketing etc. and implement them into your blog. 

As far as our blog is concerned,we often read already well settled blogs and learn many things from them.

We recommend you to write quality content and share with people already on social media.

The more you get engaged with your content,readers,social media and update your content,the more you get new and old visitors.