Keyword research is one of the essential part of SEO.In this extremely simple guide I will teach how to do keyword research for SEO in 2020 to rank first on Google.

As I mentioned above that this keyword research guide is for beginners,

so from their point of view,before you start writing your very first post,you must find keywords for SEO that you can rank easily.

So,if you have started a new blog and have done on-page SEOimage optimization,these steps are irrelevant unless you do keyword research in professional manner.

Without exploring keywords for search engine optimization,your articles will not be accessible to SERPs(search engine result pages)

So,you should read this full article because I have revealed some secrets of keyword research,which have led me to rank my posts.

If you implement them,I am sure you will get the the success,I guarantee.

Lets dive into the topic..

Basics of Keyword Research

Before we dive into finding the process of kewords for better SEO ranking,it is necessary here to know what are the keywords?

What Are Keywords:

Keywords are basically the searching terms that people search on Google or other search engines.

For example: If someone want to learn how to “do on-page SEO to rank on Google”

Then he will search in Google and Google will provide million of pages related to the above search query.

But you will notice that 10 websites rank on first page of Google.And why are they on the first page?

Well,I tell you,Because these websites have efficiently worked on keyword research,that exactly I will explain below.

Types Of Keywords

Types of keywords
Types of keywords

There are many types of keywords like short tail keywords, medium-tail-keywords,long-tail-keywords, seasonal keywords,evergreen keywords etc.

But in this article we will be focusing on short, medium, and long-tail keywords

Short Tail keywords

One or two worded keywords are called short-tail keywords.

For example : SEO,SEO Guide are short-tail keywords.

These keywords have high search volume and very high competition.

It means that if you use short tail keywords,you can’t rank for these keywords.🔑

Medium-Tail Keywords

These keywords contain 3-4 four words.These keywords have lower search volumes compared to short tail keywords.

For example : On-page SEO, On-page SEO Guide are short-tail keywords.

And Keyword competition of medium-tail keywords is lower than short tail keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords

These keywords may contain 4 or more than four words.

Long-tail keywords have very low search volume and low competition.

For example : “How To Do On-page SEO”,“How To Do On-page SEO to rank on Google”,are short-tail keywords.

Pro Tip : If you are new blogger,it is always better to start with long-tail keywords.You can rank these keywords easily.

Which Keywords Are Best For Beginners

That is an important question.And if you choose the right keywords for researching,I am pretty much sure that you will rank your posts in Google.

For new bloggers,medium and long-tail keywords are the best to choose.

These keywords will definitely give your website an organic traffic.

What is keyword research

Keyword research is the process of finding those keywords that the many people search on Google,Bing or any other search engines.

And by adopting the best SEO strategy,you should put such search queries into your blog post and work around them.

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Click the below link :To better know about

what is keyword research

Importance Of Keyword Research

As i mentioned earlier without keyword research,you can’t rank your post on any search engine.

So keyword research is like a compass which tells you in which direction to go.

Similarly these are the keywords which tell us to target only those people whose answer is contained in our post.

So friends,if you are newbie in blogging,never write any post before choosing the best keyword for your blog post.

Search Intent

Search intent is basically the intention of the user,searching on Google.

It means that,what is the intention behind searchig.

In simple words : Search Intent means, why someone makes search on Google?

  • Does he want to learn something?
  • Is he/she looking to purchase a priduct?
  • Or, does the user want to navigate to specific website?

And from keyword researching point of view,search intent is very important but neglected term by most of the new bloggers.

In Google’s words :

Our mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Thus search intent is an integral part of keyword research which is an essential part of SEO.

Types Of Search Intent

There are mainly four types of search intent :

  1. Informational
  2. Navigational
  3. Commercial Investigation
  4. Transactional


The seach queries which contain the information based questions,are called informational Intent

It means that searcher on Google wants some information about something.For example :

  • How to do on-page SEO to rank On Google
  • How to do image optimization
  • How to promote your blog


As the name suggests,user wants to go straightaway to a specific website to do some transactions or want to login a Facebook page.

Examples :

  • Facebook Login
  • PayPal login
  • Google AdWords

Commercial Investigation

If the user on Google,Bing wants to buy something on e-commerce website.

But before buying he/she wants to investigate whether the product he/she going to buy is worth buying?

So such queries relate with commercial Investigation.

And he/she searches for iPhone 10 vs Galaxy S10


  • iPhone 10 vs Galaxy S10
  • Best Android apps for blogs


When some user has made his mind to buy a particular product and he is not confused.

Suppose, he searches the same product on Google e.g “Buy siteground hosting”.

Here the user is 100% willing to buy siteground hosting,and he wants Google to provide the exact hosting address.

So that’s enough for knowing about search intent.

Pro tip : Always keep in mind search intent,while choosing perfect keywords.

Important Terms To Remember Before Keyword research

As we discussed above the importance of keyword research.Now you must also keep in mind the following key factors before you choose a befitting and lucrative keyword :

Search Volume

Search volume means number of people search a particular keyword on Google or any search engine.

The more the search volume of a keyword,the more it beneficial for your business.

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Suppose if a keyboard has search volume is 0,then do you think it is will be beneficial for you?

Not at all.And it is the keyword researching which help you find beneficial keywords for your blog posts.

keyword Competition

It is one of the main keyword research fundamentals,they help blogger to choose less competitive keywords.

So never choose high competition keywords,you can rank them.keywords with less competition are more prone to be ranking.

Pro Tip:If you are beginner always,Use long tail keywords.You can rank them within days.


CPC means cost per click.If ads are enabled on your website and some user clicks on it,you will get nothing.

So,Whenever you do keyword research,do keep it in your mind.

If the CPC is low or zero,it means that the revenue you get from this keyword is zero.

So even if keywords are less competitive and high volume,if CPC is zero,you can’t earn money if you are using Adsense.

Best Keyword research Tools

Keyword research tools make you task super easy.As I have discussed the importance of CPC,search volume,keywords difficulty.

But how to find them.Well,This is done by keyword research tools.

There are some free as well as paid tools available.

Keyword Everywhere

This is Google chrome extension.You need to install it on your chrome browser and you get suggestions like CPC,search volume right from the search page.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keywords planner

Google keyword planner is one the best free tools for beginners.

It provides you basic analysis of the keyword you want to rank.

Basically Google keyword planner tool is for ads bidder.

But you can use it to get details of CPC,and search volume.

Keyword Research Using Google Keyword planner


Go to Google AdWords and login with your gmail account.


Click on tools & setting button then Scroll down and click on Planning and choose keyword planner.

Keyword research with google keyword planner


Now click on “discover New keywords” link.


Discove new keywords

Type your keyword and click on results button.

Click on results

Thats it.

You will find many keywords with their CPC and volume.

So as mentioned earlier,you should choose those keywords that have high volume and less competition.

And also high CPC keywords are best to go with, because they generate more income, although they have low search volume


This keyword research tool is an invention by neilpatel.

This is free as well as premium tool.

If you are a beginner,then I will suggest you to use it for keyword researching.

How To Do Keyword Research With Ubersuggest

Go to Ubersuggest website

Keyword research with ubersuggest

Sign in with Google account and then you will see the below user interface.

Type your keyword in the search box and click search button.

So as free user you are allowed 25 keywords and 10 keywords with their volume,CPC,SEO difficulty.

Thus you should choose those keywords who have


Ahrefs keyword research

Ahrefs is a premium tool.It will cost you $100 per month.

But the results you will get by using this tool are amazing.

This keyword research tool will provide you in-depth analysis of keywords.

This tool also provide your competitors baclinks.That is really a big thing,If you want to outrank them.

Keyword Research With Ahrefs

For beginners,ahrefs might be an out-of- budget tool.

But here is trick

You can start with 7 days trial offered by ahrefs.

It has all the features of $100/monthly light plan.

So for $7 you can explore many keywords.

You should spend two days on finding keywords that can be ranked easily.

I guess you can get 50 keywords in two days.

Then start writing 50 articles and you can’t write 50 articles within few days.

So even if your trial version stopped by Ahrefs.You needn’t it till you write all the articles.

So my suggestion is,after few days later you can start ahrefs trial version using another gmail account.

Pro Tip: I am using this trick for finding best keywords for my blog posts.


Login with your ahrefs account,which is just $7 for 7 days.


Now,click on keyword exploral link.

And type your targeted keywords there.


Keyword research with ahrefs
Keyword research with shreds tool

Now you will find suggested keywords.

Click on view all.


keyword exploral

So finally you can find many keywords with CPC,keyword difficulty,etc.

Pro tip : Use only those keywords that have high Search volume and less difficulty and having some CPC.


Semrush keyword research

Semrush is another paid keyword research tool used by various pro bloggers.

From Advance SEO perspective,it is must have tool for exploring juicy keywords.

This tool is similar to ahrefs.

So by adopting the same strategy you can use it’s trial version.

Conclusion Of How to do keyword research

So if you have read this whole post till the end,I think you must have learnt about keyword Research basics.

Because,without adopting such SEO technique,no blogger can be successful in blogging career.

So if are really serious about writing ✍️ And gaining much from google traffic in terms of earning money 💰,then I would suggest to adopt the above mentioned tips.

For the very new bloggers,it is my suggestion to learn some SEO skills from other pro bloggers by reading their posts.

And observe,how they write articles and how they find the juicy and easy-to-ranking keywords.

Finally,if your budget allows,do use premium tools 🧰 for keyword 🔑 researching.

Q1. Which are the types of keywords ?

Ans. There are many types of keywords:
like:short tail keywords,medium-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

Q2. Is keyword research is must have for SEO?

Ans. Yes,keyword research is an essential part of SEO,you can’t be successful In blogging without it.

Q3. How to do keyword research? can use free tools 🛠 like keyword everywhere,google keyword planner tool.
Similarly,there are paid tools are available:Ahrefs,keyword finding,semrush etc.

Q4. Which is the best keyword research tool?

Ans. All premium tools are best.You can use any one of them.
You can use keywords suggested by Google’s search bar for best results.

Q2. Which are the best keywords to choose?

Ans. Only use those keywords which have high search volumes,less keyword difficulty and at least $ 0-1 CPC.