Do you really want to learn how to write SEO friendly Content in 2020 ?

Well,we will guide you through the tips and tricks to write SEO friendly articles for your new blog to rank on Google.

Most of the bloggers just write the post and publish it.

But they don’t write SEO optimized content on their respective blogs and ultimately fail and stop blogging.

According to Neil Patel ,”just writing plenty of posts and publish them won’t make fruitful results,unless you write rich and SEO friendly posts”.

Actually,SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea.Writing rich content that Google bots like and index faster,is an art which could take your blog to next level.

You should write each and every post of your blog with fully SEO optimization.

How to Start Writing SEO-Optimized Articles:

Keyword research is the first step to write seo friendly content.

Just type your targeted keyword in Google and you will find many related keywords.

And these related keywords are being suggested by Google because people often search these queries on Google.

See below in the Screenshot:

Seo friendly content
Google suggested keywords

“People also ask” link suggested by Google.

when you type keyword on Google,you can find the link “people also ask” into the middle of the page suggested by Google.

So you can also use these keywords into your particular post.

These are called LSI keywotds.

Pro tip : Always use LSI keywords to write rich and SEO friendly posts.

Look at below picture:

Seo friendly content

So you can easily find rich and SEO friendly keywords for free.

Steps to write viral and seo friendly content

2. Post title and meta title

if your ultimate goal is to rank #1 on google search, you need to write post title and meta title.

  • Post title: How your visitors see the title of the post on your blog.
  • Post meta title: How search engines show your post in search results.

Pro tip : If you don’t specify meta post title,your post title will be treated as meta post title by the search engines.

See the illustrated screenshots

Post title and meta title

Above screen shot is from our blog post.You can see upward blue arrow is post title and downward arrow is meta title.

Your meta title must be eye-catching to get maximum clicks.

in order to get maximum click through rates you should put your targeted keyword both in post title and meta title.

3. Meta Description

when a user search on Google,there comes plenty of websites page wise.

And if post has been fully seo optimized,Google,Bing,yahoo will not only rank your seo friendly. content,but people will also visit your post instantly.

Meta description play a major in ranking your post on search engines.

So always write meta description into your blog post while ensuring to add your main keyword.

So if you write alluring meta post and description,there are more chances of clicking of your content.

See the example below:

Meta description

Always write meta description of maximum 156 characters as mentioned by Harsh agarwal in this post

4. Use Image Alt Tag

Seo optimized content has many prerequisites,and image alt tag is one of them.

Without image,you can’t explain your content,besides it looks rathe dull.

And most of the newbies use plenty of images on their blogs but don’t use alt attributes or tags.

Image alt tag is essential from search engines point of view.

Important : Search engines don’t recognize those images which doesn’t have image alt tag.

So always use images alt attribute and this alt tag must contain your keyword.

Pro tip :never use oo1img.jpg like image tags.Always use e.g. seo-optimized.jpg tags only.

5. Interlinking and Anchor Text

When write a new post, you should always  link the current post back to old blog posts.

In this way your readers will get glued to your site for longer.

Further search engines will keep on re-crawlling your old posts.

In this way you are providing better navigation technique to Google like search engines.And they index your posts fast and rank them on first page.

Important point: Use only anchor text technique for interlinking. uses linkwhisper plugin to build interlinking.

This plugin uses automated technique to link your posts.

Just install the plugin and built interlinking of all your post within few hours.Download Linkwhisper plugin at discounted price

6. Remove STOP words from Permalink

When you write a post title,WordPress automatically generate a link which is called permalink.

If you are an aware blogger and wants to have a SEO friendly content on your blog,then you will never use STOP words.

To,and,the,a,an,under,etc. all are stop words.

Never use them in to your post permalink.

Because search engines ignore these stop words and ultimately your post doesn’t rank properly.

Pro Tip : if you have published your post,then don’t remove the stop words.

If you really made a mistake and want to remove the stop words then never forget to fix 301 redirection from old permalink to new permalink.

7. Using H1,H2,H3 Tags

Using H1, H2, H3 tags for your seo optimized article,is another way to give boost to your content.

When you write post title,it is H1 tag by default .

And the rest of the headings will be either H2,H3,H4 etc.

Always use One H1 tag in a single post.Never use H1 Headings Twice or more than twice

8. Focus Keyword

Always use focus keyword in your post.Focus keyword is a keyword,around which your single post revolves round.

Yoast seo plugin is great plugin which helps the bloggers to write seo optimized titles,focus keyword,meta tags,meta description .

You must use above mentioned plugin.

Pro tip: If you are using YOAST SEO then never use other plugins like ALL in One seo pack.

9. Outbound Linking

Most of the pro-blogers use outbound linking SEO strategy for developing SEO friendly articles.

Outbound linking means redirect your blog readers to others related websites having related articles(very important).

Most important: never link out to low domain authority websites,It will decrease your domain and page authority.

Outbound linking benefits

  • They Give search engines a clear idea about your blog Niche.
  • Increase Page authority & Domain Authority on Google.
  • It also helps in building networking with other bloggers in the same niche.
  • So you must use adequate outbound links in your blog post to boost your ranking

10. Write in small Paragraphs

For SEO friendly user experience,you should write in small paragraphs.

So that readers don’t confuse while going through your post.

Moreover,make your keywords,important sentences Bold, accordingly.

In this way,Google bots,while crawling your blog posts,will index and rank your posts.

11. Table of Contents

For better ranking and SEO optimization of your blog content,you must use table of contents into your post.

Table of contents are quick navigations among all your heading and subheadings.

You can use a WordPress plugin called Easy Table Of Contents


These are the basic tips to write seo friendly articles for your blog.

But you have to keep learning more and more from top blogger’s websites.

Because blogging is a dynamic process.You should keep learning more pro seo strategy to take your blog to peek level.

Last but not the least,if you really want to write search engine optimized content and rank on Google,then you should make such a SEO strategy.

This strategy needs to be user optimized.

By doing proper on-page seoimage optimization and adopting best off-page seo techniques,you can get more exposure to search engines.

Write content for your readers.And can’t bypass your readers to rank on Google or other search engines.

Content is always the king.If your blog has easy to read content,proper interlinking and most importantly reader’s queries are being solved.

Then no one can prevent you from becoming a pro blogger.

If you have found this post beneficial, don’t forget to share this post.

Keep blogging smartly 🤓🤑